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Rockhill Women's Care Weight SolutionsOffering Healthy, Achievable, Sustainable Weight Loss

Weight is affected by many factors – genetic, metabolic, psychosocial, environmental, behavioral. Dr. Johanna Finkle, certified by The American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM), approaches each client as an individual to best understand her unique history. She has brought together a 4-person team of licensed professionals to provide an all-inclusive weight reduction program that attains and sustains results.

Dr. Finkle became interested in ABOM certification after witnessing patients struggle with weight, regardless of life stage. She realized a 15-minute visit did not provide sufficient time to address OB/GYN concerns plus counsel for diet, fitness and lifestyle modifications. Dr. Finkle completed her ABOM fellowship in weight management in order to obtain the tools necessary to develop an all-inclusive, successful weight reduction program. This includes weight loss medications plus counseling with a team consisting of a nutritionist, fitness instructor and life coach. Together, the team effectively guides patients in making lifelong changes to improve health and weight.

Ongoing, Dr. Finkle’s ABOM certification enables her to remain up-to-date on the latest treatments for weight loss through continued medical education.

Dr. Finkle’s aim is to help women meet their goals, whether it be actively playing with children or grandchildren, conceiving a child, having a healthy pregnancy, improving medical problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes, or entering and conquering menopause with strength and fitness. She also works closely with bariatric surgeons in the Kansas City area to prepare women for surgery or help them manage weight reduction following surgery (referrals are available upon request).

The Rockhill Women’s Weight Solution professional team is comprised of:

    • Medical Doctor/OBGYN
    • Life Coach
    • Dietician
    • Fitness Coach

The program requires a 12-month commitment to instill lifelong changes in attitudes and habits for sustainable weight loss. It is tailored to each woman’s lifestyle, work schedule, eating habits, and medical situation to successfully yield positive results.

Regularly scheduled private sessions are set up with each professional throughout the year.

    • Dr. Finkle – initial consultation, regularly scheduled sessions
    • Life Coach – initial consultation, monthly session
    • Dietician – monthly session
    • Fitness Coach – monthly session with option to add personal training

The program is customized for a variety of weight loss goals.

The program is designed for any woman 18 years or older who wishes to reduce weight.

    • Lowering Body Mass Index (BMI)/weight
    • Managing weight-related health concerns, e.g., high blood pressure, diabetes
    • Preparing for pre-bariatric surgery or managing weight after surgery
    • Reducing weight in preparation for an optimal pregnancy and healthy baby (program not designed for women already pregnant)

Meet Dr. Finkle

Program Components

Rockhill Women’s Weight Solutions uses a combination of medical, dietary, and physical activity and lifestyle changes that fit each woman’s weight loss goals. Here are some program highlights:

Detailed Health Evaluation

Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement, waist circumference measurement, metabolic and lipid profile, nutritional deficiencies

Lifestyle Based Therapy

Nutrition, physical activity, behavior modification

Pharmacologic Approaches


Regularly Scheduled Sessions

Physician, fitness coach, dietician, lifestyle coach

Physician Consultations

Review of progress and needed program modifications

Transition Program

Ongoing plan to avoid regaining lost weight

I like meeting with Dr. Finkle and having her give me advice on what to eat and how to structure my meals. She’s been really positive with me, praised my successes, and informed me if I was getting off track and needed to make an improvement– always in a kind way with grace. I think the accountability, seeing Dr. Finkle once a month and talking it through, keeps me on track. I also get ideas from the nutritionist. It’s a complete program. I started on July 19th, and I’ve lost almost 40 pounds as of October 25th.

I like how the program is MY program. I met with Dr. Finkle to tell her about my goals. She understood my health as far as being diabetic and high blood pressure. When she talks to me, she makes it about me. It’s not like Weight Watchers where you’re counting points or Jenny Craig where you eat packaged meals. It’s more about me and the personalized approach of what works for me. I also meet with the nutritionist to talk about my diet and food. I meet with my personal trainer to work on the goals I have for taking care of myself and exercise. I meet with my life coach, and she discusses what the eating is about or what’s going on in my life that may dictate how and when I eat. I don’t really think about it in pounds, but I think about it in overall health. I get to eat real food and understand more about that whole process of eating, fitness, working out, and my mindset.


I’ve lost 56 pounds in 3 months. My goal is 110. I have done Weight Watchers before. What’s different about this is the whole body approach. I’m focusing on my fitness, my mind, my lifestyle and getting support from so many different areas. I’m learning how to eat correctly. The gist of it is that it’s a sustainable lifestyle and not just a diet.There’s already been a lot of focus on maintenance. We’re not going to do anything that I can’t do the rest of my life. We’re going to make the workouts fun. We’re going to find food that’s good and good for me. We’re going to work on emotions and how it ties into eating and help work through some of those problems so I don’t have them again. I truly don’t feel like I’m on a diet at this point because it’s so effortless and so ingrained in all aspects of my life.


Want more information or ready to sign up?

Rockhill Women’s Weight Solutions requires a 1-year commitment. Monthly payment plans are available.

12 Months From Now You Will Thank Yourself!

Rockhill Weight Solutions is a 1-year program. The program includes regularly scheduled meetings with a certified ABOM physician of weight loss management, life coach, fitness coach, and dietician.


The program cost is $200 per month.
This program is not covered by insurance.

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